Mark Donohue mark.donohue at man.ac.uk
Thu Feb 13 11:35:12 UTC 1997

I think we're all getting sidetracked.

I think in this era of many linguists (not those in this list, I'm sure)
discovering that, gosh, there are languages out there dying, and that who
should do somehting about documenting this, gosh, us the linguists, it's
become TRENDY to do "fieldwork", and, worse, it's become bad to NOT do
fieldwork (in certain circles). From this we get people saying things,
about "fieldwork", like the following (picking up Karl Teeter's latest
posting, because it sumamrises what a lot of other people ahve said,

>all this about how you've got to actually live in the
>community to do it, which is nonsense.

>I have lived in the communities

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