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At 09:32 -0500 1996-12-31, Rob Pensalfini wrote:
>MIT Working Papers in Linguistics is pleased to announce the publication of
>its 28th volume of Working Papers, "Papers on Language Endangerment and the
>Maintenance of Linguistic Diversity".


>        Modern Irish: A Case Study in Language Revival Failure
>                                - Andrew Carnie
>        Explaining and Reversing the Failure of the Irish Language Revival
>                                - Peter Slomanson

I don't know what these papers' conclusions are, but we just got an Irish
television channel, Teilif. na Gaeilge, and there is a great deal going on
as regards Irish language software, Gaelic-medium schools, etc. Irish
Gaelic is a minority language, and it has its troubles, but it's doing a
lot better than a lot of languages. Hope you all remember this when you
read whatever it is these papers (which use the word "failure" in their
titles) have to say.

Beir bua agus beannacht,

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