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Wed Jan 8 16:19:34 UTC 1997

The Linguistic Society of America's Committee on Endangered Languages and
their Preservation had an open meeting last week at the LSA Meeting in
Chicago.  The meeting focused on continuing and (possible) new projects of
the committee, as well as on ways for the committee (which is appointed by
the LSA  Committee on Committees on a rotating basis) better to involve the
LSA's considerable activist base on endangerment and preservation issues.
We are therefore particularly interested in hearing from LSA members who
would like to become involved in some way.  A copy of the proceedings of
our meeting (long) or a listing of action items proposed or discussed there
(short) is available from me on request to anyone, whether or not you are
an LSA member.  Also, let me know if you want to be on our mailing list.

Current committeemembers are:

Wally Chafe (UCSB)
Nancy Dorian (Bryn Mawr)
Dan Everett (U Pitt)
George Huttar (SIL)
Colette Grinevald (MRASH)
Jane Hill (U AZ)
Leanne Hinton (UCB)
LaVerne Masayesva Jeanne (U NV)
Martha Ratliff (Wayne SU)
Keren Rice (U Toronto)
Joel Sherzer (U TX Austin)
Tony Woodbury (U TX Austin) (Chair)

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