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Lois Carrington and Geraldine Triffitt
**OZBIB: a linguistic bibliography of Aboriginal Australia and the
Torres Strait Islands**
Pacific Linguistics D-92
1999; x+282pp

**OZBIB** aims to provide a full bibliographical listing of all published
materials on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and
linguistics, plus relevant theses and dissertations. Its usefulness, it is
hoped, will extend beyond it convenience as a reference work, making it as
well a reliable and accurate source for citation. The basis of OZBIB lies
in materials collected by Lois Carrington and Geraldine Triffitt over many
years, in the course of work undertaken for the Australian National
University, the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Studies, and the Australian Linguistic Society. A comprehensive
Introduction sets out the criteria employed. There are topical and language
indexes, as well as over 250 pages of bibliographical entries. Wherever
possible, brief biographical notes, or current affiliations, are supplied
for each author.

price $38 excluding postage
due out late August 1999
obtainable from Julie Manley, Department of Linguistics RSPAS, Australian
National University Box 0200; tel: 02 6249 2742; fax: 02 6249 4896;
jmanley at coombs.anu.edu.au
(10% discount if ordered at the ALS Conference, Perth,in September)

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