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	 Dear Friends:

Latest events.

The Akha Girl with the enlarged eye is now in a Chiangrai Hospital
undergoing examination in preperation for surgery in a couple days for
the removal of that eye.  She will be undergoing a cat scan in the

She will be hospitalized at least ten days.

Any of you who were interested in this project, please contact me.


We are preparing for the building of a number of new wells, will keep
you posted on that.


The machinist is adding the finishing touches on the book binding punch
when I stopped in yesterday.

This punch, as I have mentioned will allow sewing of signatures through
the side and can be operated by one person.


Some people are interested in the construction of the Gathering Place at

San Chai Mai, but not sufficient funds yet.  Please contact.


I have been able to build up a greater supply ofX-Mozilla-Status: 0009
for the remote villages, and as well I am persuing the revitalization of

traditional mountain medicine for many of these ailments.  I am
particularly looking at herbal medicine for skin fungus, which is very
chronic here and western medicine for this is long term and expensive
for only one person.  They can work in the rice paddy mud a few days and

get a great enough infection to take more than a month to get rid of.


We have a new i-Mac on line, which is going to speed up the entering of
Akha manuscripts onto the computer.  101 books by the end of the year,
remember?  That's right!  The i-Mac is wonderful and will allow for
safer backup of the texts we have as well as improvement in our web
site.  We could use about ten more of these for starters and a good and
solid G-3X-Mozilla-Status: 0009g video for the website.


OK, that is just a bit of what's going on here.

Matthew McDaniel


Matthew McDaniel
The Akha Heritage Foundation
386/3 Sailom Joi Rd
Maesai, Chiangrai, 57130
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Akha Heritage Foundation
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4990 N. River Road.
Keizer, Oregon,  97303 USA
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