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Jeff Allen wrote:
>> This message will certainly stir up some discussion on the topic.

At 20:49 18/03/99 +0000, Marion Gunn wrote:
>It should! Now,ill you dip into that marvellous electronic collection of
>yours, Jeff, and come up with a list of organizations which further the
>cause of small linguistic communties. Please don't confine yourself to
>'charity' organizations, but include official state, semi-state and
>self-help solidarity groups.
>Even if you can come up with only a dozen or so off the top or your
>head, as it were, for starters, perhaps more on ELL can help fill out
>the list. Then we can sort them into sizes, ...
>That should allow enough scope to create a good database to cover all
>possible groups involved in language maintenance.

Hmm, this is going to be a bit more complicated.  All of the references I
cited come from my bibliographies compiled for articles that I have
written.  Those are .doc Word files, so it is simply a matter of cutting
and pasting.

My main interest in minority et al. languages for the past 10 years
has been on French Creole languages, so I clearly admit that my
field of interest is specific on this topic.  I have found a few other
articles on minority language engineering over the past few months
that cover other languages as well since my current job concerns
all languages in Europe, no longer just French Creoles in the

If I remember correctly, I sent out e-mail messages and requests by letter
to 100+ organizations about 2 years ago asking for info on
electronic copies of written materials in Haitian Creole.  That would
be a good start.  However, I wrote all of those organizations with
my JUNO e-mail account, and the file conversion process is a real
mess. I first need to find the directory on the back-up CD that I made
of the hard drive and then I will need to manually go through and
extract addresses and organization names from those files.
This will take some time and will certainly cannot be done in the
immediate.  However, it is a trivial task that can be done while watching
a TV show during my free time on the weekend.


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