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			  This is the Akha Weekly Update of efforts to improve
			  impoverished living

			  conditions for the Akha Hill Tribe as they fight
			  marginalization in SE


			  We got some Computers!
			  Weaving and Natural Dying Hut
			  Silversmith hut
			  Medicinal Plants
			  Printing Press and a whole lot of paper????????

			  Due to the persistent effort on the part of Glenn
			  "Jeep" Holthaus in
			  Pattaya, Thailand and his project to get computers
			  for kids in Thailand,

			  we have received more than 5 Apple II LC computers,
			  three of which we
			  are repairing, and two are on line.  That makes a
			  computer for the
			  Editor and one of the writers on our goal to have a
			  computern center for

			  Akhas to come in and write.

			  Thankyou very much Glenn and Lek!

			  And thanks to Martin and Goi of Pasang City,
			  Chiangrai Thailand for
			  fitting them all into the car and bringing them up
			  from Pattaya on such
			  short notice.

			  And thanks also to the Spanish Embassy which were
			  the original donors.

			  The editors and the writers were having to write
			  everything out longhand

			  and then get it typed and now it will be possible to
			  shorten the job
			  just a little.

			  Three of the computers need minor repairs and then
			  we are off and

			  That is what it is about here, lots and lots of
			  little steps.


			  Today we began adding the looms and dying hut to the
			  cultural center.
			  The dying and looming hut will house for looms and a
			  section for natural

			  dying.  The plants for dying the cloth will be grown
			  on site.

			  We also began adding the hut for the silver smith or
			  Bah Jyeeh, as he is


			  Adjacent to the these huts there is a large dance
			  floor to which we need

			  to add nightime lighting of some sort, probably

			  The rest of the area around the cultural center will
			  be for an Akha
			  medicinal Plants cultivation area.

			  We have to deepen the well and build an above ground
			  water holding tank
			  for the dry season.


			  We are slowly getting closer to our first large
			  printing of the Akha

			  Will keep you informed on that as we begin buying
			  the reems and reems of

			  paper and the press.

			  The Akha Children's work book is gettin close to
			  completion too, a
			  couple drawing revisions must be done on the art


Matthew McDaniel


Matthew McDaniel
The Akha Heritage Foundation
386/3 Sailom Joi Rd
Maesai, Chiangrai, 57130
Mobile Phone Number:  Sometimes hard to reach while in Mountains.
01-881-9288  when in Thailand
66-1-881-9288  when out  Thailand

Web Site:
mailto:akha at loxinfo.co.th

US Address:

Donations by check or money order may be sent to:

The Akha Heritage Foundation
1586 Ewald Ave SE
Salem OR 97302

Donations by direct banking:

In the US can be transfered to:

Wells Fargo Bank
Akha Heritage Foundation
Acc. # 0081-889693
Keizer Branch
Keizer, Oregon, USA

Outside the US:

Matthew Duncan McDaniel
Bangkok Bank Ltd
Acc.# 3980240778
Maesai Branch

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