ELL: Akha Weekly Update March 23, '99

Marion Gunn mgunn at ucd.ie
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Great news, Matthew! Thanks for that progress report -- congratulations
to you, your neighbours and supporters.

Matthew McDaniel wrote:
> ...
> Due to the persistent effort on the part of Glenn "Jeep" Holthaus in
> Pattaya, Thailand and his project to get computers for kids in Thailand,
> we have received more than 5 Apple II LC computers, three of which we
> are repairing, and two are on line.  That makes a computer for the
> Editor and one of the writers on our goal to have a computern center for
> ...
> The Akha Children's work book is gettin close to completion too, a
> couple drawing revisions must be done on the art work.
> ***
> Matthew McDaniel
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