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Jesus Film International Boycott called:


Circulate Widely


Boycott Campus Crusade and "The Jesus Film Project"
for production of the Akha version of the Jesus Film which intentionally
uses inaccurate terms in the script which predjudice against the
traditional culture of the Akha Hill Tribe of South East Asia.



The Akha New Testament as produced and used for years by the protestant
missionaries calls the High Priests who crucified Jesus "Peeh Mahs".

Peeh Mahs are the leader in an Akha village who is the poet, historian,
and reciter of Akha rituals, as well as the traditional medicine man.

There were no Peeh Mahs in Israel at the time of the Cricifixion.
No "good" references are made to High Priests in this context.

(There is no Peeh Mah allowed to function in any Akha village which is
made to convert to Christianity, so the connection is obvious.)


We asked the people at the Jesus Film Project two things:

We do not think that it was unreasonable on our part.

1. That "Peeh Mah" not be used for "high priest". (There are other more
accurate words)

2. That some assurance be made or ethic addressed that would deal with
the issue of how missionaries are treating the Akha here, and that the
film would not just add to this reckless frenzy where churches are being
forced into villages.

Campus Crusade and the Jesus Film Project refused to address these
issues but avoided them.  A simple change of words to accurately
translate the matter could have been made.

We also asked why, when many dark skinned Jews played in the Jesus Film,
why a white skinned Brit was used to play Jesus?  Do they still dislike
Jews in Christianity?

We were told yesterday that the "Peeh Mah" error was repeated in the
film and that the film is finished.

Our questions on this matter to the Jesus Film project were ignored
starting back in October.


You may voice your complaint and call for the changing of the Akha
wording in this film by contacting:

The Jesus Film:



[[The JESUS Video Project
                 Using the JESUS video for effective church-based,
		 city-wide, saturation evangelism:

		 "Every 2 seconds, sometimes in the midst of global chaos and
		  indicates a decision to receive Christ as personal Savior as
		 a result
		 of seeing the
		  "JESUS" film. It may have taken you longer than that just to
		 this page!

		  Through use by The JESUS Film Project and more than 819
		  agencies, this
		   powerful film has been seen by more than 1.6 billion people
		  On top of that,
		   the great majority of those heard the story of "JESUS" in a
		  they easily

		    As a result, 83 million people have indicated decisions to
		    Christ as their personal
		     Savior and Lord.

 The JESUS Film Project seeks to give everyone in the world one chance
 to hear the
  gospel in their own language. So whether a person speaks Swahili,
  French, or a
   language whose name is extremely difficult for most to pronounce, he or
   she will encounter the life and message of
    Jesus in an understood language.

     Many mission experts have acclaimed the "JESUS" film as one of the
     greatest evangelistic success stories of all
      time. The ultimate success of this project won't be measured by how
      many people have already seen it, but by how
       many will see "JESUS" in the years ahead. ]]


       You may contact Helen Hoeksema, the administrative assistant to the
       director of the "JESUS"
       Film Project, Mr. Paul Eshleman.  Her phone number is 949-361-4501;
       email:  mailto:hhoeksem at ccci.org

       Campus Crusade:
       mailto:CCCemail at campuscrusade.com
       Campus Crusade for Christ
                               New Life Resources
			                            101 TDK Blvd.     Suite B
       City, GA.  30269


       (if you don't think marketing Jesus isn't big business you should check
       out their site:

       If your  mail gets bounced or comes back please contact us here at
       akha at loxinfo.co.th


       Matthew McDaniel
       Integrity in Faith
       Justice In Evangelism for Indigenous Peoples, not racism.


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