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       The Akha Hill Tribe Killed Jesus???????

       We have now begun and international boycott of Campus Crusade and the
       Jesus Film for violating the Linguistic Rights of the Akha Hill Tribe

       As part of this boycott we are asking that students on campuses across
       the US, Canada, South America and other countries demand the expulsion
       of the following three organizations from their campuses for
       contributing to mission policies that violate the rights of the

       We call for the immediate outster of the following organizations from
       ALL University Campuses regardless of country:

       Campus Crusade
       The Jesus Film Project
       Youth with a Mission
       SIL Summer Institute of Linguistics

       According to discussions with these organizations, the linguistic
       of the Akha people, to have the translation of the story of Jesus,
       fairly portrayed in their own language without a religious or racial
       bias, are not important.

       We would also like to point out that the teachings of Jesus were much
       opposed to the way indigenous peoples were treated around the world
       during a huge land grab that is still going on.  We feel that
       peoples are currently unrepresented in their cause to be allowed to see
       Jesus from the context of their own culture rather than see their own
       culture wiped out as the only acceptable manner in which to gain a
       european introduction of Jesus, presented on that platter.  We support
       the publicity of this issue and the ills that have been done to the
       indigenous, not in the name of Jesus, but in the European insistance
       that they alone hold claim to Him, in the upcoming Jerusalem

       We believe that Missionaries are tatamount to Indigenous Extinction.
       An opiate of genocide while the lands they need to live are stolen.

       We think we can get people to start to listen.

Matthew McDaniel


Matthew McDaniel
The Akha Heritage Foundation
386/3 Sailom Joi Rd
Maesai, Chiangrai, 57130
Mobile Phone Number:  Sometimes hard to reach while in Mountains.
01-881-9288  when in Thailand
66-1-881-9288  when out  Thailand

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The Akha Heritage Foundation
1586 Ewald Ave SE
Salem OR 97302

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Wells Fargo Bank
Akha Heritage Foundation
Acc. # 0081-889693
Keizer Branch
Keizer, Oregon, USA

Outside the US:

Matthew Duncan McDaniel
Bangkok Bank Ltd
Acc.# 3980240778
Maesai Branch

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