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>From: Matthew McDaniel <akha at loxinfo.co.th> wrote:
>The Akha Hill Tribe Killed Jesus???????
>We have now begun and international boycott of Campus Crusade and the
>Jesus Film for violating the Linguistic Rights of the Akha Hill Tribe
>As part of this boycott we are asking that students on campuses across
>the US, Canada, South America and other countries demand the expulsion
>of the following three organizations from their campuses for
>contributing to mission policies that violate the rights of the

This is really going too far.  Matthew, you are using the ELL list as
a means of spamming a lot of list subscribers with messages that
only partially have to do with the topic of interest for the list.  I can
understand you posting your messages about the Akha people
and the influence of missionaries in such contexts.  However,
you repeatedly continue to use a public mailing list to diffuse
your slanderous accusations, boycotts, etc, and I REPEAT what
I said in a message a couple of weeks ago, you are very
unethical in not cc:ing the slandered parties in your public
postings.   You are using up a lot of list bandwidth, and are
irrespectful of people who pay per file size and per minute to
download their messages.

On top of this, you don't even practice what you preach.  I quote

Matthew McDaniel <akha at loxinfo.co.th> wrote:
>Subject: Re: ELL: Two new lists
>At 15:04 19/02/99 +0700, you wrote:
>Respect is the rule, regardless of how heated the subject may be.
>Please refrain from personal attacks.  At the same time allow people who
>have a lesser understanding to discuss the issues and learn without
>attacking where they are currently coming from.

Your statement may have to do with a couple of new lists,
but everyone I know is usually consistent in their list
posting behavior, especially with regard to attacks and

You certainly are not aware of Netiquette or simply choose
not to adhere to standard principles of e-mail and list behavior
that follow common sense and courtesy.  A discussion list is
not just a place for "freedom of speech" but also a place of
"respect", including being respectful of those who are forced
to receive and filter through the list messages.

I am tired of my inbox being filled up with messages posted
to a list that stray from the primary topics of the list.

If you cannot resist from plastering the ELL list with this
mostly off-topic content, it might be necessary for someone
to start a new "minority languages" list for which a set of list
rules (following normal Netiquette principles) would be
presented to each subscriber, including list moderation
to make sure that such spamming does not occur.

Most people appreciate list "discussion" and "debate"
but I know that many do not like being forced to read
monologue flames and attacks posted by individual
list members, especially with regard to off-topic, or
way-over-extended-topic issues.


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