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 I thought some might find it humerous the extent to which this activist
 group has had to grow to avoid using the term "destroyed".  Now to take
 any action to protect people, the enviroment, your right to your own
 culture and language, your right to safe food, hey you could end up the
 cucumber terrorist.

 At the melon site, the concerned nighttime
 >gardeners also disabled an irrigation system, dismantled trellises of
 two GE
 >greenhouses and fully disassembled a third.
 > "Any university or corporation proclaiming the benefits of
 biotechnology or
 >found to be engaging in GE research will have their crops nonviolently
 >decontaminated by the growing movement to protect the fabric of life,"
 >forewarned Johnna Appleseed of Reclaim the Seeds.
 >Future Farmers member Brock Ohlee added, "Direct action against
 >greed is both a political necessity and a moral imperative.  When
 >corporations threaten the planet's food supply and jeopardize our
 >future for the pursuit of profit, the people have the right and the
 >responsibility to fight back.  We stand against the politics of death
 >the economics of misery.  We stand for environmental sustainability,
 >community stewardship of resources, and social justice."


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