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		    > I can not say why it is almost solely white people doing
                      this, but don't
		      > you think one might make note of it?

		      > It is part of white religious culture in my opinion to
                        do this.  Why is
			> that such a leap in logic.
			> But for me to point it out is racist?

			This is such a basic root of racism, I'm surprised you
			don't recognize it.

			White racists like the KKK will point out that the
			fact that blacks in the
			U.S.have higher unemployment rates and lower
			educational levels than whites
			shows that black are lazier and stupider than whites.
			The same arguement
			is used for Native Americans.  This without looking at
			the reasons why
			these groups in general are less well off.

			My grandparents lived in downtown Hartford during the
			60's riots.  All the
			people they saw rioting were black.  From that time
			until their deaths, they
			always saw blacks as violent people to be avoided.
			Was this appropriate?

			Many say that Jews are "only interested in money."
			But it is not an ethnic
			trait, merely a negative stereotype based on
			historical circumstances that
			forced many Jews to work in finance in medieval

			In Los Angeles' predominantly black neighborhoods,
			many if not most of
			the corner groceries are owned and run by Koreans.
			Many blacks complain
			that the Koreans are rude to them and charge
			exorbitant prices.  During the
			LA riots
			many of these stores were destroyed by rioters.  For
			many, these Korean
			owners were the only Koreans they knew.  Is right,
			therefore, for them to
			"Koreans are rude and money-grubbing"?

			How many white Christians are in the U.S.?  Even if
			only half of the U.S.'
			population is Christian, that means 100,000,000.   And
			how many white
			have you dealt with in Thailand?  Yes, I think it's a
			huge leap to assign
			what you
			see in the missionaries you deal with to the entire
			white population.

			"white religious culture"?   Amazing how you've
			created this monolith.
			As someone who has gone from being Catholic to a
			born-again Christian to an Atheist, and experienced
			about a dozen
			other denominations as well as Buddhism and Judaism, I
			know that
			"white religious culture" is much more varied than you
			make it.

			> Isn't it odd that in the White dominated west, there
                          is little venue for
			  > addressing missionary abuses and the missionaries
                          in most cases happen
			  > to be white and come from the west?

			  "White dominated West"  As opposed to the "Asian
			  dominated Orient" or
			  the "Arab dominated Middle East"? The West [and I'll
			  assume you're talking
			  about U.S./Canada and Western Europe] is "dominated"
			  by whites because
			  the vast majority of its population is white.

			  Should there be a High Court for Addressing
			  Missionary Abuses?  Have you

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