ELL: Endangered Languages Debate

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	      So many people have criticized the recent debate/arguments.  One
	      way to deal with this if you don't like the current issue, is to
	      one of your own.  I attempted to do this by presenting the
	      of the Ojibwe and Hawaiians on Niihau.  I attempted to look
	      at language [which is what this list is supposed to be about]
	      specifically, while incorporating the issue of religion that
	      so often talks about.  Yet there has been not one comment about
	      my posting.  Not even Matthew has commented on the apparent
	      contrast to the situation with the Akha that I have presented.
	      If the ideal of this list is discussion of endangered languages,
	      does no discuss what I have presented or bring up a language
	      topic of their own?

	      Henry Szymonik

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