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Dear Margot!

Thanks for the reply. I could see the results of SIL and others only at one
visit in Bolivia (Chiquitos): Since the SIL teachers left, most of the
material on Chiquitano was destroyed (having been useful from our linguistic
standpoint for teaching the pupils their own language in a written form. In
one community we found the rests of a complete translation of the bible into
the Ayoreo language in the trash of a left house.
But some non-religious helpers were no more successful: A sawmill now rests
useless because of missing repair elements.
In my own opinion, religious initiatives in Bolivia are dangerous and
important at the same time. In any case, every effort to make indigenous
languages taught and written serves the language community, but not every
initiative serves the culture. But I see also the problem that many indigenous
people would want to change tzheir culture aginst the Western, be it only
What I am really angry on is the narrow minded ness of some people (in my case
an American disturbing a religious ceremony of the Indians for a photo and
feeling offended to get a protest from a white (me).

Have a nice work!


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