ELL: Speech and Language Technology for Minority Languages

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Subject: ELL: Speech and Language Technology for Minority Languages
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Dear ELL members, and FELlows

The following announcement/invitation may be of interest to a good many of

Nicholas Ostler

President, FEL
Director, Linguacubun Ltd

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 15:13:28 +0100
From: Briony Williams <briony at cstr.ed.ac.uk>
Subject: Welcome to the new SALTMIL SIG!
Organisation: Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh

Dear minority language technologist

The start of the new academic year sees the start of the SALTMIL Special
Interest Group within ESCA (now ISCA).  This group (for "Speech and
Language Technology for Minority Languages") has now been approved, and
can begin activities, as follows.

1)  Email discussion list

The first activity is an email discussion list.  As a preliminary
measure, a new list has been created at the US website www.onelist.com
To subscribe to the SALTMIL discussion group, you can do one of two

a)  Point your web browser to http://www.onelist.com/community/saltmil
    and follow the link to subscribe;
		     b)  Send a blank email to saltmil-subscribe at onelist.com
		         A message with further details will be automatically
    sent to you.

    This list is free, but carries commercial advertising in a brief section
    at the end of each message.  However, until we can migrate to a
    non-commercial server this will be adequate.  The discussions can be
    followed through email, and also through a Web browser at the Onelist

    Please don't delay in subscribing to the list, so we can begin our

    2)  SALTMIL web page

    The provisional SALTMIL website is currently at

    Please send any material you would like to add to the web pages to:
    briony at cstr.ed.ac.uk

    This could include details of your work, or a link to your web pages.

    3)  Proposal for a one-day workshop

    A one-day workshop will be proposed to the organisers of the second LREC
    conference in Athens.  If accepted, this will be similar to the first
    one-day workshop at the first LREC in Granada, May 1998.

    We hope very much that you will join in the discussions and share your
    knowledge and experience with others who are also working in the field
    of speech and language technology for minority languages.


    Briony Williams			University of Edinburgh, UK
    Climent Nadeu				      Universitat Politecnica
    de Catalunya, Spain
    Donncha O' Cro'ini'n		Linguistics Institute of Ireland,


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    Web pages http://carmen.murdoch.edu.au/lists/endangered-languages-l/
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