ELL: Speech and Language Technology for Minority Languages

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Ar 12:43 pm +0100 1999-10-07
>From: Briony Williams <briony at cstr.ed.ac.uk>
>Subject: Welcome to the new SALTMIL SIG!
>Organisation: Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh
>Dear minority language technologist
>The start of the new academic year sees the start of the SALTMIL Special
>Interest Group within ESCA (now ISCA).  This group (for "Speech and
>Language Technology for Minority Languages") has now been approved, and
>can begin activities, as follows.
>1)  Email discussion list
>The first activity is an email discussion list.  As a preliminary
>measure, a new list has been created at the US website www.onelist.com
>To subscribe to the SALTMIL discussion group, you can do one of two
>a)  Point your web browser to http://www.onelist.com/community/saltmil
>    and follow the link to subscribe;
>Briony Williams			University of Edinburgh, UK
>Climent Nadeu					      Universitat Politecnica
de Catalunya, Spain
>Donncha O' Cro'ini'n		Linguistics Institute of Ireland, Ireland

Congratulations to Briony, Climent and Donncha, on this great new initiative!

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