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Dear Friends:

The Akha girl has had her eye removed and has been returned to her
families village south east of Fang, Northern Thailand.

She was hospitalized 10 days.

Thanks for the help in paying the bill for her surgery.
This was a very difficult process financially, as there wasn't much
warning that we would need to do this surgery.

The Book Punch is now finished.
This is the last link in the process of building Akha books, until we
get moved into an office and purchase a press.

Apart from getting into a building and setting up a press, the only
other material project we are hoping to accomplish is the purchase of a
large truck for hauling well equipment, trees and assistance of other
kinds to the villages.

We have a donor link page.  You can make secure on line donations now to

The Akha Heritage Foundation.
Please go to the donation link on the welcome page of Akha.com and click

on that. You can download a secure server connection from the page that
comes up.

The swing ceremony is going on in many villages and we will have some
photos next week for you from that.

Our well project is progressing and we shall soon have a concrete mixing

trailer and be going to work on several new wells.

On occasion Akha.com can be off line for maintenance.



Matthew McDaniel
The Akha Heritage Foundation
386/3 Sailom Joi Rd
Maesai, Chiangrai, 57130
Mobile Phone Number:  Sometimes hard to reach while in Mountains.

US Address:

Donations by check or money order may be sent to:

The Akha Heritage Foundation
PO BOX 6073
Salem OR 97304

Donations by direct banking can be transferred to:

Wells Fargo Bank
Akha Heritage Foundation
Acc. # 0081-889693
Keizer Branch # 1842  04
4990 N. River Road.
Keizer, Oregon,  97303 USA
ABA # 121000248

Or In Thailand:

Matthew  Duncan McDaniel
Acc. # 3980240778
Bangkok Bank Ltd.
Maesai Branch

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mailto:akha at loxinfo.co.th

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akha at onelist.com
indigenousworld at onelist.com

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