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Subject: ELL: FEL: Call for Proposals
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The Foundation for Endangered Languages is now accepting proposals for
projects of work that will
	 support, enable or assist
	 	  the documentation, protection or promotion
		  of one or more endangered languages.

		  Please pass on this announcement to your friends and
		  colleagues in
		  endangered language communities who may not have access to
		  Ogmios, the
		  Internet or e-mail.

		  Form for Submissions
		  There is a form which defines the content of appropriate
		  proposals, which
		  is accessible at the Foundation.s web-site
		   It may also may be obtained from Christopher Moseley,
		   <Chris_Moseley at mon.bbc.co.uk>
		   2 Wanbourne Lane, Nettlebed. Oxfordshire RG9 5AH England
		   fax +44-1491-641922

		   All proposals must be submitted in this form, to ensure
		   (although see note 4 below).

		   The time-limit for proposals to be considered in the
		   current round will be
		   the 31st of October 1999.  By that date, proposals and
		   testimonials must reach Christopher Moseley, at the address
		   specified in
		   the form.

		   The FEL Committee will announce its decision before the
		   31st of December 1999.

		   Four points to note especially:
		   1. The Foundation's funds are extremely limited and it is
		   not anticipated
		   that any award will be greater than  US$1,000. Smaller
		   proposals stand a
		   better chance of funding.
		   2. Where possible, work undertaken within endangered
		   language communities
		   themselves will be preferred.
		   3. The Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL) is a
		   separate from the
		   Endangered Language Fund (ELF) <elf at haskins.yale.edu>,
		   which is also
		   announcing its request for proposals about now, but on a
		   somewhat different
		   timescale. It is perfectly possible (and has indeed
		   occurred in the past)
		   that the same project can be partially funded by both FEL
		   and ELF.
		   4. Those who have already submitted proposals to FEL
		   speculatively should
		   contact Chris Moseley to confirm what information, if any,
		   still needs to
		   be submitted.  The form should be used to submit this

                       Nicholas   Ostler
						                Foundation for
                       Endangered Languages
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						                        nostler at chibcha.demon.co.uk

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