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At 18:50 21/09/99 +0800, Lindsay.J.Whaley at dartmouth.edu  wrote:
>Before the flames against SIL grow too large, I would like to mention that
>there is an American based missions organization called New Tribes (known
>as Neuvas Tribus in at least some parts of Latin America).

The full name is New Tribes Mission (NTM), commonly referred to as New
Tribes in circles where they are known (missions conferences, Bible schools
and seminaries, etc). All of the New Tribes missionaries that I have known
in the past worked in Latin America.  New Tribes has been around for quite
some time, at least 15 years, but surely longer.  I had a friend who grew
up as a child in South America (possibly even born there) as a New Tribes
Missionary kid and she is around 30 years of age right now.

Info about New Tribes can be found at:

Web site: www.ntm.org

North America International Headquarters (USA)
New Tribes Mission
1000 E. First St.
Sanford FL 32771  USA
Phone: 407-323-3430
Fax: 407-330-0376
E-mail: ntm at ntm.org

> Perhaps the missionaries Diego encountered in Panama
>were with this mission rather than SIL.  If so, then it would be best not
>to attribute an act of subterfuge to SIL.

It would also be important to investigate if there was missionary borrowing
happening between New Tribes Mission and SIL.  This happens from time to
time, especially for special projects.  In these types of cases, one
mission loans missionary/ies to another mission for a period of time for
specific projects.  I know of missionaries who are currently on loan from
one mission to another for a designated amount of time. There are usually
practical reasons for doing this (allowing missionaries originally from a
different organization to live for an extended period of time on the
premises of the host organization, ability to receive ongoing on-site
medical aid from the host organization, etc.).   If missionary borrowing is
at all the case regarding the message posted earlier on this topic, then it
might well explain the confusion.  I have no idea if it is the case for
this situation, but I know such cross-mission agreements happen from time
to time.



>--- Matthew McDaniel wrote:
>Oh, but why should anyone be afraid if SIL has a million alias's?  They

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