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 >I am stunned at the idea that asking for evidence is excessively
 >"technical", as J. Diego Quesada suggests. Surely one does not make

 Hi Bill,

 I think it's always better to have evidence, but Diego's question
 underscores the problems involved in mixing missionary activity with
 research. It's hard  for indigenous people and their local sympathizers to
 sort out the differences between various missionary organizations and to
 gather evidence about how and whether they are interconnected. When the
 missionaries also carry out linguistic research, it's hard to distinguish
 the evengelical researchers from the non-evangelical ones. So they simply
 become suspicious of *all* missionaries and foreign researchers. It *is*
 prejudice -- but in a Hamlet-like dilemma of whether to act or not, would
 you sit around waiting for elusive evidence or use a quick and drastic
 method to simply get rid of the whole problem? I guess, in some areas
 people wait for evidence and in others they just place heavy restrictions
 on all foreign researchers.

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