terrorist statements (was Re: ELL: new name)

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Jeff ALLEN wrote:

> Do your financers know that you promote such terrorist activities?  The
> attention your actions are going to get is that of the FBI, the CIA, and a
> lot of other National and International security organizations for the
> welfare of Americans living abroad.

  Not really; that would only happen if there are economic and political
  interests. Or are you so naive as to swallow uncritically that Uncle Sam
  looks after all and everyone of its childere. Here you blew it, Jeff. I
  recall the excuse to invade Panama in 1989: G. Bush said that a U.S.
  official's wife had been harrassed and that would justify that
  horrendous, wild (up to any standards) and arrogant invasion. In your
  reasoning, Jeff, that invasion then would have nothing to do with the
  fact that a public ex-friend of the CIA, Manuel Noriega, had gone a bit
  out of control and was doing things he "was not been put there to".

  Every now and then you hear of U.S. citizens totally independent of U.S.
  government (conver and/or undercover) organizations and activities,
  being killed, wounded or the like abroad, and there is not the least
  reaction from any U.S. embassy. Jeff, do you think if an unemployed
  black young adult is killed, say, in  Mexico or Jamaica, the U.S., CIA,
  and the other alphabet soup, would invade those countries? Obviously
  not.  The question again is why?

  On the other hand, there is constant killing (and selfkilling, or
  better, reciprocal killing) of U.S. citizens all across the U.S. (just
  open any small town newspaper) and the government does not care a four
  letter word. Again, why? What do certain U.S. citizens that live aborad
  have that those being killed on a -now it seems so- regular basis in the
  U.S. do not have?

  By the way, those killings in which an idiot or two open fire at unarmed
  people in the U.S. should come to no surprise to anyone. The killers
  simply do as they learn from their government: the big lesson the U.S.
  government teaches its people is, if you can get what you want to
  satisfy your grid or any frustration you may have is open fire, kill,
  invade. Eliminate your obstacles.

  I recall early this year, as the Yugoslavia war was on, in one news
  program (I don't recall which, and because of that, Jeff, do not put me
  in the black list of those who make public statements on the internet
without "evidence"), your president was more or less saying something
like this (I did not record the text, so I do not know the exact words)
"The American people should be proud; today we satisfactorily  bombed,
killed destroyed". I bet, Jeff would not call that terrorism, nor napalm
in Viet Nam nor the bacteriological weapons used in the d-, f-, sh-
dirty war against the Nicaraguan people in the 80's, let alone the
blockade against Cuba. The list is endless.

> When such statements are made in public with regard to black churches in
> the southern states of the US, you can bet that the Federal Bureau of
> Investigation (FBI) would be on the trail immediately.  For the bombing of
> US embassies in foreign countries, the investigation process is not a
> one-day brief look either.  A lot of hear-say statements have been made on
> this list, and elsewhere, about SIL being affiliated with the CIA, although
> there is nothing to prove it.

  Why should the CIA worry about statement made about an inocent group of
  Christians working bona fide for the conversion of the gentiles? Lots of
  statements are made about Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Diana, etc. Why
  should the CIA pick up precisely on those about SIL, Jeff?

  > You should be careful what you are write.  If there were ever a CIA
  > investigation, you are possibly putting a lot of other list members at
  > risk
  > by having participated (even as passive accomplices) in your discussions
  > that lean toward terrorist activities against Americans.

    Ubi supra, please respond.

    >  I'm definitely
    > not one who says that Americans are best and all that kind of stuff,
      You don't need to. The main message you are sending is in another
      direction: please fear Big Brother, and behave. For he is watching you
      and if you do not behave he'll come and take you to hell. That sounds
      like missionary rhetoric to me.

      > but I
      > do know what my country does for the security of its people, and
      > certainly
      > for those who are expatriates like myself.  Such issues are not taken
      > lightly
      	That's because you are naive or want other people to think naive. See
	what I wrote above and the last three lines I quoted from you turn out
	to be butter.

	> Sorry, but these kinds of malicious statements, and the
          repercussions that
	  > they could have on me, my family, my colleagues, and my
          compatriotes, are
	  > about ready to end my active participation on what has generally
          been an
	  > interesting list.

	    		Before you do. Respond to this message. You do not
	    		want people to
			think the Spanish (actually, it's international)
	    		saying is after all
				El que calla otorga.

				J. Diego Quesada
				University of Toronto

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