ELL: Good news (Somali and Oromo)

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 I am passing on this good news from Daniel Yacob <dmulholl at cs.indiana.edu>.
 With best wishes,
 Marion Gunn
 Greetings All,

   For those with an interest in East African orthography it seems
   to have taken a leap forward with the release of a Somali spell
   checker.  The spell checker works on Somali transcription conventions
   and not Somali script (which is dead to the best of my knowledge):


       The Somalis have been both very active and very strict in their
       use of Latin transcription on the Internet.  For this ASCII
       practice to have lead to a spell checker may be unprecedented.

         Similarly, an Oromo thesaurus has recently become available
	 using Qubee transcription (which did not originate from internet


	     Localization fans take note!


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