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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to request support for the organization of an international
conference on endangered languages. The Indigenous Peoples' Biodiversity
Network (IPBN) and the Quechua-Aymara Association for Conservation and
Sustainable Livelihoods (ANDES) are currently seeking support to organize a
workshop on the preservation of endangered languages to take place in June
2000 in Cusco, Peru.

IPBN is an association of indigenous peoples and indigenous peoples'
organizations working towards the common goal of nurturing biological
diversity for the benefit of indigenous communities and humankind as a
whole.  The IPBN is active in issues of indigenous knowledge, intellectual
property and cultural survival.  ANDES is a non-profit indigenous
organization based in Cusco, Peru.  ANDES works with indigenous communities
in southern Peru in culturally based development and conservation
initiatives.  ANDES focuses its work in the conservation and sustainable use
of Andean biological resources and the strengthening of the culture and
traditional knowledge of Andean peoples.

The workshop's goal is to support indigenous peoples' struggles to conserve
and promote their languages and conserve biological and cultural diversity.
To achieve that goal the workshop will provide a forum to exchange
experiences and information , as well as explore new strategies for language
conservation.  Through dissemination of the workshop results, it is hoped
that education and awareness raising among the general public will also be

We are seeking support to organize the workshop and in particular we are
looking for materials which could assist in the debates and discussions of
the workshop.  We hope that your organization is able to provide support in
the form of reference materials, books, magazines, databases and any other
materials which will help us to have quality information to prepare the
workshop, and in the future provide an information centre for indigenous
peoples active in language conservation issues.  We would also appreciate
names and addresses of foundations or other organizations who may be able to
assist in funding the organization of the workshop.


Tammy Stenner
Workshop Coordinator

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