ELL: terrorism incitement vs. academic discussion

Diego Quesada dquesada at chass.utoronto.ca
Thu Sep 30 03:10:37 UTC 1999

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     On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Sally Thomason wrote:

     > then Diego Quesada
     > suggests that it's perfectly all right to incite people to
     > violence because the CIA won't care unless the victims are connected
     > to powerful interests
       I suggest that you re-read my posting because there was nothing
       like that in it; you might have dreamed about having read that. All I
       said was that Jeff Allen should not be so naive nor make us believe
     > that
     the CIA was a bona fide guardian of ***all*** U.S. citizens living
     > outside
     that country. And that terrorism also includes all activities the CIA
     engages in everywhere in order to secure the interests of the U.S. ruling
     -and quasi invisible- elite.

     As for these lines:

     > and that in any case the victims are racist
     > and don't deserve protecting.

       My goodness! I'll give you a thousand dollars right now if you can
       find that passage in my posting. If not, you'd better apologize for
       putting in my mouth words I never uttered. I suggest that you be less
       careless when referring to what other people -or at least I- write. I
       it extremely immoral of you to make such unfounded (and who knows,
       ill-intentioned)  "paraphrases"  of my words. What you quote me as
       said is a masterpiece in high-quality tasteless distortion.

       > Postings like this -- in fact, from
       > what I've seen, *all* the postings from these two list members --
       > make me want to desubscribe to this list

       	 Postings like this tell too much about the quality of a person
	 apparently calling for academic discussions, but who fails to show
	 least requirement to do that: reading and reading well, not
	 Please refrain from distorting, perhaps you need your eyes checked.

	 If you do not like my points of view you could try to argue, but not
	 in distortions of the lowest kind to undermine someone whose
	 you simply cannot (granted, or wish not to) debate.


	 J. Diego Quesada

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