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     Some of you will have noticed another message regarding unsubscribing
     week as well.  When I first started subscribing to ELL a similarly
     vociferous/imflammatory etc. discussion was taking place, and I, too,
     considered unsubscribing.  This latest 'discussion' is not encouraging.
     Unfortunately I need to maintain contact with this list because I know of
     other relating to endangered languages.

     Can't we just agree to disagree and get on talking about issues in such a
     that we help each other rather than alientate each other?  I don't think
     missionary debate is leading anywhere positive.


     Joan Smith/Kocamahhul

     >===== Original Message From endangered-languages-l at
     >FYI, I am unsubscribing from the ELL list that allows for, and thus
     >condones, terrorist discussions that I have no desire hearing or being
     >associated with any further. If anyone wants to contact me regarding my
     >message sent this past evening, it will now have to be done directly cuz
     >won't see it posted to a list that I am no longer subscribed to.
     >Best wishes to you all in your future discussions.

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