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What is the issue?

>> 1. Please do not flee the list when discussion come up which you do not
>> 2. Do not prohhibit any discussion.
>> 3. It is on the discussion and the learning from them that too hard
>>formulations are to be revisited by their authors.

I would like a moderator, but not to avoid any topic (except topics
irrelevant, such as formula 1 racing). Missionaries are relevant, as a
matter of fact I have participated in that debate.

What I would not like is what in english is called flaming, and what I
would not like at all is formulations that can be used against us, as
persons, as list, in the way described by Jeff.

It is perfectly possible to have our cake and eat it in this debate. I
agree on formulations 1 and 2 above, but not on 3. Discussion will be
corrumpted if increasing parts of it will be used to dig oneself deeper and
deeper into personal attacks due to opinion differences (cf. recent
postings). In Norwegian we call this an evil spiral. Thus I would like a
moderator to remove unfounded accusations, attacks on people nowhere near
the list, in general attacks on people rather than on their positions (or
actions, for that matter), and in general flames. My guess is that a
majority of the readers that still are left (and all the ones that have
signed off) will agree with me, and I feel confident that it is possible to
moderate this list.

This has nothing to do with censorship, or with people "not being willing
to discuss topics related to their own religion", or whatever. Cf. my
earlier postings. We need a moderator to ensure that points 1 and 2 may be
fulfilled, by making discussion possible and flaming impossible.


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