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    I agree with Franz Dotter.


	    Marilia Faco Soares

	        Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

		On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Franz Dotter wrote:

		> Having looked from a distance to the debate, the mail of
                  Joan motivates me to look at our electronic discussion from
                  a pragmatic view (in which my view of communication between
                  scientists is contained):
		  > I start with an example from my university:
		  > It is usual that the mail address "everyone" is used when
                  a flat is for rent or there are salmons for sale before
                  Christmas. No one got upset about this 'trash'. But when hot
                  political controversies came up during the Kosovo war over
                  this address, there were some who wanted the "everyone"
                  address to be deleted. Our informatics centre did that, but
                  recently has reopened it.
		  > What do I deduce from that example:
		  > There are many people who do not like controversies or
                  hard statements (may they be wrong or true if this is a
                  category at all looking constructively on them).
		  > In the tradition of enlightment and Freud and others I
                  plea for open discussions of every sort. Anybody who does
                  not want that can easily delete the respective mails.
		  > Concerning the content of the missionaries discussion:
		  > I am proud that some Christians are open-minded enough to
                  think about the pro's and con's of mission (other religions
                  do not) and about the role of our western civilisation in
                  the confrontation or communication between cultures. If we
                  had no such discussions, we would lose an important element
                  of our culture.
		  > Therfore:
		  > 1. Please do not flee the list when discussion come up
                  which you do not like.
		  > 2. Do not prohhibit any discussion.
		  > 3. It is on the discussion and the learning from them that
                  too hard formulations are to be revisited by their authors.
		  > Sorry, that's my exerting opinion.
		  > Franz Dotter
		  > University of Klagenfurt
		  > Research Center for Sign Language and Communication of the
                  Hearing Impaired
		  > (of the Faculty for Cultural Sciences at the Department of
                  Linguistics and Computational Linguistics)
		  > Funded by: Bundessozialamt Kaernten, European Social Fund
		  > Head: Franz Dotter
		  > Collaborators: Elisabeth Bergmeister (deaf), Marlene
                  Hilzensauer, Klaudia Krammer, Andrea Skant, Ingeborg Okorn
                  (deaf), Manuela Hobel (deaf)
		  > Homepage:
		  > Deaf server (in German):
		  > >>> ling040 <ling040 at> 30.09.1999
                  04.01 Uhr >>>
		  > Some of you will have noticed another message regarding
                  unsubscribing last
		  > week as well.  When I first started subscribing to ELL a
		  > vociferous/imflammatory etc. discussion was taking place,
                  and I, too,
		  > considered unsubscribing.  This latest 'discussion' is not
		  > Unfortunately I need to maintain contact with this list
                  because I know of no
		  > other relating to endangered languages.
		  > Can't we just agree to disagree and get on talking about
                  issues in such a way
		  > that we help each other rather than alientate each other?
                  I don't think the
		  > missionary debate is leading anywhere positive.
		  > Yours,
		  > Joan Smith/Kocamahhul
		  > >===== Original Message From
                  endangered-languages-l at 
> =====
> >FYI, I am unsubscribing from the ELL list that allows for, and thus
> >condones, terrorist discussions that I have no desire hearing or being
> >associated with any further. If anyone wants to contact me regarding my
> >message sent this past evening, it will now have to be done directly cuz I
> >won't see it posted to a list that I am no longer subscribed to.
> >
> >Best wishes to you all in your future discussions.
> >
> >Jeff
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