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Dear All,

the homepage of the Sorbian institute is found on this webpage:


this is the link to the dictionary (Upper Sorbian):


from there, you should find a link to the primer for Upper Sorbian

More general information on the Sorbs can be found on this page:


there you will find links to Sorbian institutions linke the Domowina,
cultural information centers etc.

The letter of protest from the Domowina is also available in English,
I don't know if it's available on the net yet, but I'll find out and
post the adress. There is a link to the German letter of protest from
the sorben-wenden page.

The proposed cut back of funds would not only mean stopping new
Sorbian projects, but also undermine present efforts in cultural and
linguistics activities.

I hope that international protest will make the German government
rethink its plans.


Am 24 May 00 um 18:14 Uhr schrieb Robert:

> A few years ago, GBS maintained a set of on-line German-Sorbian and,
> I believe, English-Sorbian dictionaries and an on-line Sorbian
> grammar.  All of these disappeared about 18 months ago. Are they
> still on line and, if so, where are they currently located?
> YourDictionary.com is the web's most comprehensive and authoritative
> language portal.  We would like to maintain a link to all Sorbian
> language materials because we have clients who need them and ask for
> them.  Our company could make a case for this need to the German
> government if those resources were actually available.  If you can
> point me to them, I and my CEO will write strong letters to the
> German government making this argument. Are they currently
> available?
> --RB
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