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It's the first time I post to this list. I'm an Italian mother-tongue translator and interpreter. 

I'm involved in a volunteer project: you can get additional infos it on the website www.consulman.com
I received a call last week from the organizer of this project, which is about the poem "The Canticle of the Creatures" (ca. 1250 CE) by St. Francis.
They're trying to have as more translations as they can of the famous poem. The translations will be printed and bound in art books, that will take part in a contest and exhibition in Macerata (Italy), in year 2002. Then they will be distributed in public libraries around the world (the book will not be for sale). 
Last year they did the same thing with the poem "L'infinito" by Italian 18-th century poet Giacomo Leopardi. The exhibition then moved to Germany and France. 
But you can check all these things on the website. 
They called me to ask If I had any contacts with people who could translate the "The Canticle of the Creatures" in Native American languages and different "rare" languages, and that's why I'm writing to you. 
It's also a good chance to let the world know there are languages other than European ones. 

The translators will not be paid (it's a volunteer work), but their names will appear on the books with the translation. 
The languages I'm looking for are: 

Afghani - Albanian  (Tosco - Ghego) - Armenian - Basque - Berberian - Birmani - Blackfoot - Breton - Caldeo - Cambodian - Cherokee - Cheyenne - Chinese (Mongolian - Manchu) - Cingalese - Cree - Creek - Copto - Cornish - Kurd - Estonian - Ethiopic - Irish Gaelic - Scottish Gaelico - Welsh - Georgian - Javanese  - Ancient Greek - Hindi  (various dialects - Urdu - Santali - Tamil - Teluga - Bengali ecc.)  - Hopi - Iranian - Icelandeic - Lakota - Dakota - Nakota - Laotian - Latvian - Lituanian  - - Macedonian- Manx (Isle of Man) - Maori - Mapuche - Mohawk - Moldavian - Navajo - Nepalese - Parsi (Pakistan) - Russian (Ucrainian) - Saami - Sanskrit  - Serbian - Siriac - Somali - Tibetan - Uzbeki
plus any other Native American or tribal language. 

So, after all these words, if you want to help me in this, I thank you very much. 
If interested, I will send you the poem text (about 250 words) in the original Italian and/or English / French / German / Spanish. 
Any comments and ideas are welcome. 

Best regards,

Dr. Marco Massignan
English>Italian Translations
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Email: insubres at tiscalinet.it
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