ELL: re: language shift/maintenance in creole communities

Sat Nov 25 00:02:20 UTC 2000

Hello Ei Leen,

We at Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2) received your message dated 20
November entitled "Analysis of recorded data & Lg shift/maintenance in creole
communities" that was posted to the Endangered Languages List, and it was
passed on to me.  Both of my graduate theses in fact covered this very topic.

ALLEN, Jeffrey. 1994. Sainte-Lucie: relexification, décréolisation,
recréolisation ou adlexification? Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies doctoral
Thesis. Département des Sciences du Langage & Centre de Recherches
Linguistiques et Sémiologiques, Université Lyon 2.  183 pp.

-- 1992. Sainte-Lucie: Description sociolinguistique d'une île antillaise.
Maîtrise (Masters) Thesis. Département des Sciences du Langage, Université
Lyon 2. 111 pp.

as well as a few related conference papers:

-- 1994. "Has the adoption of words from English led to a new phoneme in
Kwéyòl?" Paper presented at the Workshop on Developmental Issues in Creole
Languages and Linguistics held at the University of Westminster (Britain), 30
April 1994.

-- 1994. "L'influence adstratale des variétés anglaises sur le kwéyòl
sainte-lucien". Paper presented at the Colloque Morphologie et Syntaxe des
Langues Créoles held at the Université de Provence (France), 23-25 June 1994.

-- 1994. "Influence of English varieties on St. Lucian French Creole"
Seminar presented at the Sociolinguistics club of Indiana University, 24
October 1994.

-- 1992. "Former lexifier language acquisition: a case for creole language
studies". Paper presented at the Colloque International: Les Langues dans
l'Europe Communautaire at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (Netherlands), 25-28
November 1992.

As for Creole language Web sites, some of them do in fact contain language
shift information.  The Creole Archives at http://www.ling.su.se/Creole/ is
an important site.  I suggest you subscribe to the CreoLIST via that site and
ask your question to that list.  You will certainly get 10-20 replies from
people working on language shift issues for Creoles. Sarah Thomason is
certainly one person you want to contact.  She has been working on language
contact issues for Amerindian languages as well as Creole languages for many
years.  I think her e-mail is sally at thomason.org   Check it with the online
Creole researcher finder at the Creole Archives site.

Paul Garrett is another person you should contact.  His e-mail information is
available through that same person search tool.

Also take a look at the Journal for Pidgin and Creole Languages (JPCL) that
can be accessed via the Creole Archives site (under related links, if I
recall).  The JPCL is hosted at Southern Illinois University (www.siu.edu) in
the Linguistics Dept.  There is a free searchable abstract function at that
site for past and current issues of the JPCL.  That might be another resource
for you.

I hope this info is helpful.



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