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Sat Aug 25 18:58:06 UTC 2001

Matthew wrote :
  All use Roman script. 

  1. The written language uses Roman letters or English letters as the Akha are more likely to say. 
  2. The written language has different spelling systems depending on who made it. 

  This is how we refer to it here, so I refer to it on this list how I hear the discussion occur most often. 

  It would not be logical for me to use a new word that no one here understood and for which I don't have sufficient number of dictionaries to know exactly what it means. 

  May I ask you, why you use Roman letters? I think a language like Akha could be better maintained with a regional alphabet like the Thai. Or a more related to the Akha language. I donĀ“t think that the Roman letters can help the Akha people developing a good written language.

  The reason why the Akha have chosen the Roman leters could be, that they want to set a political sign against the political suppression they suffer from. The same thing happened with Kurdish ( Kurmanji ) in Iraq. They have changed their Arabic letters into Roman, because they wanted to set a sign against the Iraqi government.


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