ELL: Renowned Haitian Creole Specialist joins MIT2 Advisory Board

Wed Feb 21 18:24:17 UTC 2001

Renowned Haitian Creole Language Specialist joins MIT2 Advisory Board

February 21, 2001
Boston, Massachusetts USA

Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2), a software developer and language
processing solutions service provider for Creole languages, is pleased to
announce that Dr. Yves Dejean has joined MIT2's Board of Technical Advisors.

Dr. Yves Dejean, a native Haitian Creole-speaking linguist at the State
University of Haiti, earned a doctorate in Linguistics in 1977 at Indiana
University and went on to teach for 13 years in New York at Long Island
University's Brooklyn campus and Columbia University. His 1977 PhD thesis
"Comment écrire Le Créole D'Haïti" ("How to write the Creole of Haiti") was
published in 1980 by Collectifs Parole in Canada and has become a primer for
the study of Haitian Creole orthography issues. His numerous linguistics
publications have appeared in journals and reviews both abroad and in Haiti.
Noteworthy among his Haitian Creole literacy publications are: Ann aprann
òtograf kreyòl la (Let's learn Creole orthography), 1985; Ann etidye lang nou
an (Let's study our language), 1986; Ki jan pou nou montre granmoun li (How
to teach adults to read), 1995; Koute pale li ekri: 4 chemen konnen (Hear,
speak, read, write: 4 roads toward knowledge). He also assisted his brother
Paul Dejean in updating the Haitian Creole version of the 1987 Haitian
Constitution for it to conform to official orthographical standards.

MIT2 President Marilyn Mason says: "As a former Haitian Government Secretary
of State for Literacy and former Director of the Haitian Government's
Literacy Center, Dr. Yves Dejean's name is synonymous with Haitian Creole
linguistics and literacy. We could not establish a more authentic baseline
"quality control" for the software solutions created by Mason Integrated
Technologies than to pass all our solutions by the scrutiny of the eminent
Dr. Yves Dejean and those he has trained."

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