ELL: Akha Journal: Feb 26, 2001

Matthew McDaniel akha at LOXINFO.CO.TH
Mon Feb 26 03:00:24 UTC 2001

Dear Friends:

The Maesai War has simmered down to just about nothing.   The Shan and
the Burmese traded one hill top back and forth near Bala Akha, along the
border.  That was about the height of it.  The Thais moved a lot of
trucks, men, mortars, artillery and armour into Chiangrai province and
trampled into a lot of Akha villages.

Other than that, life got a little harder for the Akha, the farming
interrupted.  But possibly now the bridge will open again, the China
Thailand road more important than the Burmese all combined, and things
will return to normal?

Repairs on the truck are ongoing, as the village circuit gets anchored
down.  Despite the recombination of a number of villages into one
central village, there are still more than 250 villages on my route now,
and there are anywhere from 30 to 50 villages and village fragments
still not accounted for.

So I will continue to add those.

In a few days I should be commencing with the final dig on the fish well
and will let you know when that is done.  This is a large well that will
have the capacity to feed water to up to twenty tank sets as well as
vegetable water for the host village.

Other than that, the printing press is the only infrastructure project
that we have left, still hung up at $900.

The focus on the village circuit is first aid medicine, networking
between the villages and books in Akha language including the Akha
Village Journal.

Maesai, Thailand



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