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Nicholas Thieberger n.thieberger at LINGUISTICS.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Mon Jan 8 06:29:36 UTC 2001

I suggest you just put the offer on the list, as paper will cost too
much and we are all only a virtual e-community anyway. I look forward
to seeing what your discounted price is.

>We are the publisher of a new book called 'Warrabarna Kaurna! Reclaiming an
>Australian Language' authored by Rob Amery (Linguistics, Centre for European
>Studies & General Linguistics, University of Adelaide, SA 5005, AUSTRALIA,
>Tel (08) 83033405,
>Fax (08) 83035241, e-mail <rob.amery at adelaide.edu.au>)
>This book will be launched officially February 8th in Adelaide (for more
>information about the book launch, please contact the author).
>We would like to do a special promotion for this book among your audience,
>giving them a special discount.
>We are looking for possibilities to do this by mailing your members a
>promotional flyer.
>Could you please inform me about the possibilities regarding the above?
>Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
>Patrick Gordijn - Marketing Department
>Swets & Zeitlinger Publishers
>P.O. Box 825, 2160 SZ Lisse
>Heereweg 347B, 2161 CA
>The Netherlands
>Tel. (+31) 252-435664
>Fax (+31) 20 866 8357
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