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>Hi all, does anyone on this list have information about individuals,
>institutions, or organizations in Italy specifically devoted to the
>revitalization of Italian dialects? Of particular interest would be
>anything concerning the Genovese dialect.
>Also, anyone who knows what the current status of the European Charter on
>Regional Languages is in Italy? I think Italy signed it but I don't know
>whether it has ratified it. And any info on where to get the text of the
>Charter? Is it on the web somewhere?

As far as I know Italy has tricked this charter giving the attribute of
language worthy of protection only to the real minority languages such as
Italo-Albanian, Italo-Greek, Occitan, Sardinian, etc.
Unfortunately these languages are very endangered (except for Sardinian) and
most of them will disappear in spite of the protection. Nevertheless this
law has been obstructed for a long time.
The Italian dialects aren't protected by the new law, even if they could be
considered equivalent to what is called "Regional language" in other
There is a cultural problem, especially in the South. Many people don't
consider useful and necessary any serious attempt to revitalize the dialects
even if they can express generic affection for them.
The same problem exists for the minority languages.

Best regards,
Francesco Penza

Grika milùme! La Grecìa Salentina

>Thanks for any info. Please feel free to respond directly to me rather than
>the list if you feel more comfortable that way. Cheers,
>Luisa Maffi


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