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You can find a copy of the Europea  Charter in the web-site of
Mercator-legislation programme (http://www.troc.es/ciemen/mercator) in the
international rule section. In the case of Italy, we know that they are
preparing a document for the ratification, in concordance with the new law
for minority language protection (Legge 15 Dicembre 1999, n. 482," Norme in
materia di tutela delle minoranze linguistiche storiche " pubblicata nella
Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 297 del 20 dicembre 1999). [You can find a copy of the
law in the mercator-butlletin n† 38, in the same electronic page].  Like the
european normative in general, it is only for the historic and territorial
minority. The problem in Italy (not only in Italy) is that they are diferent
political position arround the difference between language and dialect (not
recognition in the law for the piamontese, for example). The linguistic
diversity in Italy is very interested and complex.

keep in contact,

Virginia (from Mercator)

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> Hi all, does anyone on this list have information about individuals,
> institutions, or organizations in Italy specifically devoted to the
> revitalization of Italian dialects? Of particular interest would be
> anything concerning the Genovese dialect.
> Also, anyone who knows what the current status of the European Charter on
> Regional Languages is in Italy? I think Italy signed it but I don't know
> whether it has ratified it. And any info on where to get the text of the
> Charter? Is it on the web somewhere?

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