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Bojan Brezigar direktor at PRIMORSKI.IT
Tue Jan 16 06:08:32 UTC 2001

The dialects have not been included in the new legislation. So there are no
provisions for Genovese.

Italy has not yet ratified the European Charter.

You can find all the information about the Charter on the Council of Europe
web page


Bojan Brezigar

>Hi all, does anyone on this list have information about individuals,
>institutions, or organizations in Italy specifically devoted to the
>revitalization of Italian dialects? Of particular interest would be
>anything concerning the Genovese dialect.
>Also, anyone who knows what the current status of the European Charter on
>Regional Languages is in Italy? I think Italy signed it but I don't know
>whether it has ratified it. And any info on where to get the text of the
>Charter? Is it on the web somewhere?

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