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Lucas Husgen lhusgen at KIROGI.DEMON.NL
Fri Jun 1 17:02:50 UTC 2001

Thank you so much for your information on Nubian language: the richness of
the world's heritage keeps being amazing. So much worse is the threat,
hovering above so many languages' heads..

My list (I do have to compile, I'm very very sorry to say) will be published
within an existing cyberworld. But as cyberworlds go, as long as
construction is still in progress, it's best not to attract any visitors yet
at the building site. Any change can be instantly noticed, so it's seems
wiser to politely ask you to have some patience. A webpage van be prepared,
and only be published when finished, in cyberworlds this isn't possible.

The idea sprang to my mind because these worlds who give room to anyone's
imagination in building and construction, are in the meantime first and
foremost English-spoken, which, inescapable as it is, seems a bit
contradictory, to say the least.

In all, as soon as my tribute to the endangered languages of the world has
taken its final shape, I'll post the precise location at this list, and I'll
make sure that within this one particular cyber-world any visitor will be
pinpointed to this place of tribute, soon after arrival. The one veil I can
lift is this: I'm building within the Active worlds browser, which can be
downloaded for free at http://www.activeworlds.com . Please download version
3.1. Through using this browser you're at least able to get an inkling of
the general idea of worlds I'm refering to.

Best regards,

Lucas Husgen

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> Greetings
> I believe you missed te Nubian language in Sudan and South Egypt..Nubian
> Civilzation had  been one of the two greatest civilzations of Africa (Old
> and Nubia)..Nowadays the descendents of Old Nubia still live in Sudan and
> southern part of Egypt and still talk Old Nubian..After the fall of
> Nubian Kingdom  of Sudan in the 15th century  and Nubian voluntarily
> to Islam the written old nubian language started to be replaced by Arabic
> ..However forced assimilation policies during Turko-Egyptian rule of Sudan
> later on Anglo-Egyptian rule until indepndence in additional central
> Government of Sudan  later  the Old nubian ceased to be a written
> language..However over the last 3 decades and after the  inundation of  a
> part my Homeland (Nubia) by Egyptian High Dam several
> scholars, linguistics started to dig into this great civilzation and Old
> languages..A group of Nubian scholars benefited from the work of such
> to verify and rediscover Nubian fonts( found in some Bibilcal Scripts )
> started recently to use it for writing Nubian..In this respect the  role
of the
> Nubian Studies and documenation Centre  in Cairo (a Sudanese subject
> from there) as well as the role of th late Nubian archaeologist and
> the late Dr. Mokhtar Khalil as well as the great Nubialogist  Dr. Geraled
> is hard to miss..
> The Nubian Language use characters which used to be the prevailing
charcters at
> those early days and used by Greek and Copts as well.
> You all are cordially invited to read my Online  Entry  at Lexicorient
> I'm the Nubian co-editor www.lexicorient.com) on Nubian Language at:
> Furthermore you all are also invited to browse at my Nubian page ( chosen
> Awsome library as one of the Top 5% in K-12 education sources ) :
> www.visitweb.com/nubian     and my Nubia Pages "the  Link2Go Award Winner
> Resource site"  at:http://i-cias.com/private/abubakr/nubia/index.htm
> I've attached the verfied and accredited  Nubian Fonts (TruType MS Fonts)
> thsi msg for the benefit of all..The Nubian Studies and Doc. Centre(NSDC)
> Cairo conducts nowadays courses on Writing Nubian as as well as publishing
> relevant text books ..Since the Centre is maninained and finaced
> it looks forward for the support of all who are interested in  old and
> languages ..You can e-mail NSDC at :Nobein Nob <nobein at hotmail.com>
> best wishes
> abubakr sidahmed
> Nubian Activist & editor
> Lucas Husgen wrote:
> > Thanks to you all for the lists!Though working with language, I'm not a
> > professional in the field of endangered languages, got struck by this
> > subject through assessing 'vanishing voices' for a Dutch publishing
> > some months ago, so I do not even have this particular book itself...
> >
> > Lists will be very useful, thanks once again.
> >
> > Lucas Husgen
> >
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