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Alasdair MacCaluim staran at ICSCOTLAND.NET
Mon May 28 18:53:40 UTC 2001

A chairdean,

European Minority Languages Petition

As part of the European Year of Languages 2001, the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages has instituted a campaign for the minority language of Europe. They are seeking names for a petition asking the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Commission to support a legal act to give more support to the minority language of the European Union. The petition can be signed online at: www.eblul.org/dc/petition-gb.htm. Paper copies of the petition can be printed off from the same address. 

The EBLUL hope to collect 50,000 signatures in the UK and 250,000 names from the European Union as a whole before the end of October. In the UK, Petition sheets are available from: Domhnall Martainn, Secretary, EBLUL UK Committee, 71-77 Sràid Chrombail, Steornabhagh, Eilean Leòdhais, Alba / Scotland, HS1 2DG or from Domhnall at cnag.org.uk. 

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