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Joan Smith/Kocamahhul j.smith at LING.CANTERBURY.AC.NZ
Tue May 29 05:35:11 UTC 2001

A first year student has just told me that her grandmother & great Aunt
were able to speak Gammon (the Irish tinkers' language) as children,
although they can now only remember bits and pieces. The student is
intending to major in Linguistics but given the ages of the primary
informants (in their seventies), we both thought that the sooner she
makes a start the better. I'm meeting with her later in the week to
suggest some starting points - taping the two together trying to
remember what words meant, perhaps remembering rhymes, jokes or stories etc.

Does anyone know of any work that has already been done on this language?

Any suggestions for readings that would be accessible (and helpful) for
a first year student? I think it's important that things be manageable
so she doesn't get bogged down and/or disheartened.

Thanks in anticipation

Joan Smith/Kocamahhul

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