ELL: Request for characters NOT already present in Unicode

Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine brunner at NIC-NAA.NET
Sat Sep 22 18:53:09 UTC 2001

Oki All,

In corresponding to Chuck Coker over the weekend on the ELL list I realized
that he knew about at least one character used in the Hualapi script that is
not in Unicode -- an inverted "P" combined with a "T".

My request to ell and ssila list subscribers is that each of you assist me
in a modest project -- assisting the Unicode Technical Committee in getting
a better grasp on both the Latin-esque characters modernly, and archivally
used in indigenous scripts, and the non-Latin characters also used.

I will be assisting Dr. Nii Quaynor, who is working on the problem for the
set of syllabary scripts used in Central Africa, and several Tribal Language
Offices, my own included, in this activity this year and next, and presenting
a paper at the Unicode Technical Conference next Spring summarizing the work
accomplished at the time the paper is submitted, and continuing to work with
the UTC et al to create draft proposal(s) for additions and/or modifications
to future versions of ISO 10646 and Unicode.

If you know of a character that you know isn't in Unicode 3.0, or you suspect
isn't, please drop me a line. Eventually I'll want to get the entire script
for every North American Indian language that has a functioning Tribal Language
program (recovery, retention, etc.), the collation ordering, and official as
well as academic contacts.


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