ELL: Q: What minority language software would you like to see?

Mike_Cahill at SIL.ORG Mike_Cahill at SIL.ORG
Fri Sep 28 01:24:10 UTC 2001


Sounds like the Hualapai have adapted pretty well to borrowing words into
their language. Sometimes when there's an unfamiliar item, languages can
just borrow the word (like English speakers have done for centuries too,
even recently with "glasnost", etc.). Sometimes languages just make up a
compound or coin a word in their own language. Airplane can be "canoe that
flies", computer can be "thing that thinks." Anyhow, I guess the point of
my contribution was that there's not going to be word-for-word equivalents
for terminology, and that might involve a considerable amount of effort to
come up with dozens, even hundreds of new terms. And that's got to be
factored into the total effort involved.

Mike Cahill

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