ELL: Book Announcement: Minor Vocabularies of Tutelo & Saponi

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Thu Aug 29 19:01:11 UTC 2002

Evolution Publishing is pleased to announce publication of the following
volume from the American Language Reprints (ALR) series:

Volume 26:

Minor Vocabularies of Tutelo and Saponi
Edward Sapir and Leo Frachtenberg, 1913

This edition collects a number of small but valuable examples of the Virginia
Siouan languages. It includes two small vocabularies of about 50 words each
by Edward Sapir and Leo Frachtenberg, both published in 1913. Also included
are 7 translated Saponi place-names collected by William Byrd on the
Virginia-North Carolina border in 1728, and 2 words of Moneton or Tomahitan
obtained by Abraham Wood during an expedition into southern West Virginia in

July 2002 ~ 61 pp. ~ clothbound ~ ISBN 1-889758-24-8 ~ $28.00

Evolution Publishing is dedicated to preserving and consolidating early
primary source records of Native and early colonial America with the goal of
making them more accessible and readily available to the academic community
and the public at large.

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