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A Manual of Linguistic Field Work
and Indian Language Structures

Anvita Abbi
Center of Linguistics and English, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
& Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany

This is a manual on linguistic field methodology with special reference to
Indian language structures. It covers all that one needs to know about
eliciting data from native speaker informants of South Asian languages. The
book contains step by step information about collection, collation,
analysis, description, presentation and explanation of linguistic data. The
author has drawn a large number of first-hand collected examples from
lesser-known and 'tribal' languages of India to expose the readers to the
variety and diversity of linguistic data available in the subcontinent. In
addition to the discussion on elicitation on phonological, morphological,
syntactic, semantic and sociolinguistic information, the author has
discussed the linguistic characteristic features of each language family of
India. The book makes the reader aware of areal features of the languages
under consideration and the contact phenomena to facilitate fieldwork. Each
topic is followed by the 'elicitation tips' and interrogation techniques
for the field worker as well as practical issues, problems and solutions as
regards collection of data. Sets of questionnaires on commonly investigated
topics are included in the 'appendix' to facilitate field worker to come to
grips with the theoretical and structural aspects of languages in general
and Indian languages in specific. Numerous figures, maps and tables.

LINCOM Handbooks in Linguistics 17
ISBN 3 89586 401 3. Ca. 320p.
Can be had from:
LINCOM EUROPA, Freibadstr. 3, D-81543 Muenchen.FAX+49 89 62269404.
LINCOM.EUROPA at t-online.de.www.lincom-europa.com

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