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Elena Perekhvalskaya sandy at EP3665.SPB.EDU
Thu Mar 28 12:49:54 UTC 2002

> I don't know about the other members on this list, but I would much rather
> eat a fistful of larvae than a big mac. Cheaper, better for you and you
> know exactly what you're eating.
> Claire

I completely agree. Big mac is in fact an ethnic food just like a handful of
larvae. The idea that one's ethnic food is the best in the world is trival.
As for "Big mac" I remember when the first MacDonald's was open in Moscow
several Udihes (Tungus minority from the Russian Far East, about 2000 people) were staying with me.
I took them to this new Western cafe. They did not like the food at all. They only slightly
touched everything, especially they did not like milk shake.
What they liked the most were paper cups and plastic spoons and forks: they kept these objects
and took them back to their village as presents. In was in 1992.

> Elena Perekhvalskaya (Milkova)
St.Petersburg State University, Russia
sandy at ep3665.spb.edu
Thu, 28 Mar 102 15:35 +0300 MSK

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