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Pierre Bancel pjbancell at YAHOO.FR
Wed Mar 27 16:38:22 UTC 2002

 --- Doug Whalen <whalen at alvin.haskins.yale.edu> a
écrit : >    On Friday, March 8, 2002, page W13, the
> Street Journal
> published an editorial by John J. Miller entitled:
> "How do you say
> 'extinct'?: Languages die, the United Nations is
> upset about this."
> Miller's basic point is [...]

Hello ELLers,

Some statistics:

Since Doug Whalen wrote the message beginning as above
on EL-List, two days ago, twenty others messages were
written in response by thirteen different persons.
Apart from Dora Johnson, who did a useful job by
reproducing the incriminated paper of WSJ, all the
other messages concerned a dispute about an early
response (mistakenly) sent in Gaelic by Marion Gunn,
the ensuing excuses and counterexcuses of the
participants to this subcontroversy, and finally a
gastronomical excursus that awakened a range of new

I would not break the rules of netiket, which I by the
way know poorly, having been born and bred in quite
another country than the Web. I however would say that
I am much more impatient to read DW's answer to the
injurious paper at stake, an answer that could be
discussed on this list and after some discussion could
be sent (not forcibly under the same form by each of
us) to (1) the WSJ and (2) to some of your friends,
teachers, students or acquaintances who might feel
concerned by the problem and in turn react, modify and
circulate this text...

Thanks again, Doug and Dora, and to the others as

All the best,

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