ELL: Electronic versions of small or endangered Turkic languages

Bektur Alashuly uran1955 at YAHOO.COM
Wed May 8 13:59:13 UTC 2002

Dear List Members,
as a composer of dictionaries of small or endangered
Turkic languages I would like to offer you
English-Krymchak, English-Karaim, English-Crimean
Tatar, English-Karakalpak, English-Kumyk electronic
dictionaries (8000 words each, Excel or PDF formats)
available for sending for USD 15 one, USD 23 for two,
USD 30 for three, USD 37 for four and USD 45 for five
Some examples are presented at my website
languages of Europe" (http://minlan.narod.ru or
htpp://webua.net/alashuly) in the section "Turks".

Thank you
Vadim Mireyev, PhD
Simferopol, Ukraine
Email : uran1955 at yahoo.com
Phone : (380-652)-54-21-24

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