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john clissa clissa at STARWON.COM.AU
Sun May 5 08:57:25 UTC 2002

	I should have asked whether anyone on the list found the article per se,
offensive. It was an indirect reference to speakers of an endangered
language - Molisan-Croatian. Hence mine was a rhetorical question so I
apologize and withdraw it from the list. For those of you who might be
interested, these are some of the sites you could access.




acquaviva collecroce / montemitro / san felice del molise.

Perhaps in doing so, I have at least, brought the existence of this language
to the attention of some of the members. While I'm on the subject, should
anyone be interested in reviewing my book, "The Fountain and the
Squeezebox," I will gladly send you a free copy wherever you are. The
following is the blurb on the back cover.

"A book about a dying language having the last word. It is a study of a
linguistic minority historically settled in central Italy (to escape the
Turkish invasion) which has passed on from word of mouth, a 16th century
Croatian dialect from Dalmatia. There are less than two thousand
first-generation speakers left, half of whom emigrated to Perth, Western
Australia, to start a new life in the 1950s. This migration study takes you
on a sociolinguistic journey into the life and times of the old and new
world as described by women of this multilingual community. Presented in
bilingual text, their testimony is a valuable contribution towards the
realisation of this social history.

Self-published. Printed by Picton Press, West Perth, 2001.
ISBN 0-646-40956-6.
290 pages, eleven chapters. Some illustrations, tables, maps, English and
Molisan-Croatian vocabulary.

My email address is all lower case.

		clissa at starwon.com.au


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