Summer Institute of Linguistics

Todd Hartch todd.hartch at EKU.EDU
Mon Jan 10 13:19:18 UTC 2005

I am a historian of Mexico and am in the process of revising the manuscript
of my first book, which looks at the history of the Summer Institute of
Linguistics in Mexico (1930-1985).  One of the anonymous readers of the MS
recommended that I add a short section assessing the linguistic prowess (or
lack thereof) of the SIL.  As a non-linguist I do not feel particularly
qualified to evaluate the SIL in this way.  I would be extremely thankful to
hear how non-SIL linguists view the SIL's linguistic work, especially their
work in Mexico from about 1940-1980.  Also, do you know of any journal
articles that offer an analysis of SIL linguistics?
Any opinions and ideas you could give me would be very helpful.
Todd Hartch
Eastern Kentucky University

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